Why a Blog?

Hi there!

It may seem a little odd and perhaps a bit unnecessary for a Personal Trainer to begin a fitness and nutrition blog.  Certainly that’s what those 50-minute sessions are there for, right?  Well, in these first few months as a Trainer, I’ve found that 50 minutes go by pretty quickly, and I’m usually far too busy correcting form, demonstrating exercises, and encouraging my clients through those last few, really tough repetitions to talk very much about diet and nutrition.  So, here I sit, hoping to provide some useful tips to make healthy eating a simple part of an otherwise insane life.

I deemed it necessary in this first post to discuss a few underlying premises for my views on fitness and nutrition.  First of all, healthy eating is possible even amidst an insane schedule.  Sure, it takes a little bit of planning, but soon enough you’ll find that healthy eating is possible no matter how busy your life is.  Yes, you can avoid that drive-thru window.  No, you do not have to succumb to frozen pizzas and TV dinners.  Yes, a nutritious breakfast can be made quickly and grabbed as you rush out the door.  These are a few of the topics I’ll be covering, hoping to help you make a nutritious choice at every meal of every week.

Secondly, the world of healthy eating is a lot easier to understand than you may think.  There are about a million diet plans from which to choose and just about as many schools of thought on what proper nutrition really means.  Should I cut out all carbs and just eat protein?  Maybe I should just eat raw fruits and vegetables.  If I don’t eat breakfast, will I gain weight?  Should I eat three squares or six small meals, and for goodness sake how many calories should I really be eating?  How on earth is a person supposed to answer all of these questions.  Unfortunately, we’ve made it all a lot more complicated than it has to be.  Sure, my opinions are biased.  Yes, there are some diets that I would suggest over others, but all in all, I’m interested in your good health a lot more than the number on the scale and getting you to that “magic number” as fast as humanly possible.

Lastly, I believe in moderation.  I’m not going to suggest anything too crazy.  I want you to develop eating habits that will carry you through a long and healthy life, not just for the next two months until you reach your goal weight (enter the yo-yo diet).  There is room in my nutrition for an occasional treat and a guilt-free indulgence.  If you’re feeding your body with good, whole foods full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you can enjoy a treat here and there, and this time, without all of the guilt.

I hope these posts will serve as an encouragement to all of my readers whether they are my clients, gym members, friends, or family members.  Is my nutrition perfect or even quite where I’d like it to be?  Certainly not, but I’d like to partner with you in pursuit of lifelong health through good nutrition.  Are you with me?


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