Protein Pancakes & Protein Treats!

Today I wanted to share with you a few of my recent internet recipe finds.  

First off, breakfast!  I LOVE breakfast!  Have I mentioned that before?  Deja vu anyone?  Well, I’ve got a particular soft spot for pancakes.  Maybe it’s because they tend to be pure carbs and simple sugar…who can resist?  I also have very fond memories of Sunday mornings as a kid when my dad would come wake me up singing this “It’s time to be pine” silly wake up song and then go make us all pancakes.  It still makes me smile.

At any rate, I love pancakes, but I’ve come to grips with the fact that they’re not the best nutritional choice for my morning.  No wonder I used to get so sleepy in church and then be famished by the time I got home…  Anyway, I have good news for my fellow pancake lovers!  I’ve found a few recipes for healthy, protein pancakes!  They are filling, delicious, and a perfect substitute for their fluffy, powdered sugar friends.  They will keep you fueled and energized all morning!

Here’s the one that I tried last night.  (Yes, I even love pancakes for dinner…especially when my Hubs is not home).  I would try making these without the water next time, and I might just stir it all up instead of blending it all together.  The batter was a little to thin.  Also, I don’t love the taste of Stevia, so I substituted that with maybe a tablespoon of raw honey.  All in all, they were very good.  Here’s the link:

This second recipe I tried this past Saturday morning.  Fantastic!  Loved this one.  I’m thinking of exchanging the banana for some plain, canned pumpkin simply because I love pumpkin pancakes.  This recipe was a bit more pancake-like than the first recipe.  Here’s the link:

Finally, I love a little treat in the mid-afternoon.  Unfortunately, this is when I tend to reach for something less than healthy.  I found this recipe which has been a perfect little snack when I’m craving something sweet.  The chocolate chips make me feel like I’m really indulging, when really there are just a few in there!  Here’s the link to my mid-afternoon protein balls:

One note about cooking with protein powder: not all protein powders are created equal when it comes to baking with them.  I tried to make pudding with my husband’s protein powder once and ended up throwing it all away.  Some of them are just loaded with artificial sweeteners, and that’s all you taste when you bite into anything made with them.  I’ve found my protein powder that I use for my shakes also bakes very well.  I use Designer Whey.  The back of the can has ingredients I can pronounce, and while it’s not loaded with flavor, you really don’t want something too flavorful if you’re going to be baking with the product and combining it with other ingredients.  I like to keep vanilla and chocolate varieties on hand for my various recipes.

Keep it clean, and enjoy!


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