Healthy Eating Tips from Tina Haupert

I recently finished a book recommended to me by my client. It’s called Carrots ‘n’ Cake: Healthy Living One Carrot and One Cupcake at a Time.. It was a very quick and enjoyable read about the life and fitness journey of Tina Haupert. Tina has a blog by the same name and has enjoyed tremendous success in the “blogosphere” with her daily posts and pictures of her eats. I’ve enjoyed a few of her recipes as well. Right now as I write this I’m enjoying her 3-minute Oatmeal Raisin Cookie. I’ve already posted the recipe for Banana Breakfast Cookies that I adapted from her Banana Oatmeal Chip Cookies as well as the recipe I pulled off her site for her protein pancakes. So far I’ve been a fan of everything I’ve tried.

I may not agree with Tina on everything in her diet, but I definitely think she’s got so many things right I couldn’t help but share a few things I gleaned from her book.

1. Cookie Friday. Tina celebrates Cookie Friday each week. On Friday, she allows herself a special treat. Note, it’s just Friday, and it’s just one treat. This concept really works for me. In fact, in preparation for my upcoming triathlon, I’ve developed “2 Treats a Week.” This concept really helps me know when I really want a treat and when I’m just eating it because it’s there or I’m tired or something else along those lines. Since, like Tina, Friday is my favorite day of the week, I like to save a treat for Friday night. Usually, that includes a mini-pint (an actual 1/2 cup serving) of Hagen Daas while watching a movie with my Hubby. By planning for my treat, I don’t feel the least bit of guilt for eating it, and I savor every bite!

2. Plan for Indulgences. Nobody wants to be the person drinking water and eating celery sticks at a party. It attracts undue attention for one thing, and for another, it’s just plain not fun! If you know you’re going to be in a position where you’ll be around less than optimal food choices, plan the rest of your day around it. Going out for dinner? Have a salad or soup for lunch. You’ll be hungry for your special meal out, and you’ll have saved some extra calories for a little indulgence later. Read again: no guilt with a little splurge means you probably won’t overdo it!

3. Eat Whole Foods. This is such a simple thing, but often it’s where people really miss the boat! Eat foods with pronounceable ingredients…and only pronounceable ingredients! Shop the perimeter of the grocery store and avoid those inward aisles of food in boxes and cans. You’ll feel more satisfied when you eat real food than processed foods. Avoid the scam of diet foods! They don’t make you slimmer, and you’re body just doesn’t know what to do with all those chemicals.

4. Find Accountability. One of the reasons Tina started her blog was to help keep her accountable to make healthy eating choices every day. Find someone you trust to help keep you accountable to your fitness and nutritional goals every week. My husband holds me (with love, of course) to my 2 Treats a Week plan, and that works great for me. Remember, this is also the job of your personal trainer. 🙂

Here’s to improved nutrition and better health as a result. What small thing can you change today? What about this week? Here’s my goal for the week: to drink a glass of water and stretch upon rising every day. Join me in my sane and sensible approach to health!


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