New Series!! What to Cook for the Hate-to Cook!

I’m really excited to be launching a new series on my blog this summer.  It’s called “What to Cook for the Hate-to Cook.”  Recently, I was talking with someone about weekend plans, and somehow in the conversation I heard this statement: “I hate to cook.  I just hate it.”  Wow, that’s so sad! was my first thought.  How could anyone hate to cook?  It’s relaxing.  It’s artistic.  Heck, it’s delicious!  

The next day I was out for my run and my mind was running faster than my legs as usual.  I was thinking about this comment, and finally it hit me.  I hate to decorate.  I just hate it.  Everyone thinks I would love it because most women seem to, but I don’t.  There a few reasons why.  For one, I know how I want it to look, and when it doesn’t come out looking that way, I feel frustrated because I can’t fix it.  Secondly, it’s expensive.  Gee willikers…the things you hang on your walls can sure add up!  Thirdly, it’s time consuming.  I would so much rather spend the weekend in yoga classes or out on my bike or running on a dirt trail than shopping for things to decorate with or, even worse, taking the time to hang them (and need I even mention the occasional purchase from Ikea that needs to be assembled?!?!).

So there you have it.  I hate to decorate.  If money was no object, I’d pay someone else to do it hands down.  So why did I think someone else could unjustifiably hate cooking with the same ardent passion I feel for decorating?  After all, if you take the time to cook and it doesn’t turn out the way you hoped it would, but you know how you want it to taste, isn’t that frustrating?  Can’t cooking be so incredibly expensive when a SmartOnes frozen dinner is probably no more than $2?  And certainly cooking can be very time consuming!  (Who wants to spend all day on a meal that gets consumed in fifteen minutes?)

That’s when I got the idea to launch a new series on my site: what to cook for the “hate-to” cook.  There are crazy people like me who just love to cook and find it incredibly enjoyable, relaxing, and possibly even therapeutic.  I’m here for you, Ms. Hate-to Cook.  I’ve got your back here (and if you want to come paint my downstairs this weekend in exchange for a freezer full of meals, I’m all for it).  

Stay tuned for easy, inexpensive meals that you can whip up in a flash (and clean up even faster).  I’ll be using ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry so your grocery shopping trips are even quicker than ever.  And did I mention that we’ll be making some healthy food as well?  That’s right!  Even a quick meal can be very nutritious.

Here’s to you, Hate-to Cook!  We’re in this together.


One response to “New Series!! What to Cook for the Hate-to Cook!

  1. Love this idea! If I lived closer, I’d totally be painting your downstairs in exchange for the freezer full of meals!! 🙂

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